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Savour our slow-cooked bone broth prepared fresh daily, dash it with our specially made sauces, customise your pho with our specially made sauces, homestyle chill satay sauce and quench your thirst with our in-house blended tea.

Don't worry,
slurping is allowed here!

Beef Pho

Steaming beef bone broth with rice noodles, topped with fresh picked herbs, bean sprouts and choose from our selection of beef cuts.

Pho Topped with Rare Beef $20 $22
Pho Topped with Cooked Beef $20 $22
Pho Topped with Brisket Beef $20 $22
Pho Topped with Flank $20 $22
Pho Topped with Tendon $20 $22
Pho Topped with Peppered Beef Roll $20 $22
Pho Topped with Cartilage $20 $22
Pho Topped with Beef Tripe $20 $22
Pho Topped with Beef Combination
(Includes rare beef, cooked beef, beef tendon & tripe)
$20.50 $22

Chicken Pho

Slow cooked delicious and nutritious chicken bone broth freshly made every day, prepared with rice noodles, fresh picked herbs, bean sprouts and topped with chicken, eggs or a combination of different meats.

Pho Topped with Chicken $20 $22
Pho Topped with Chicken & Eggs $20.50 $22
Pho Topped with Chicken & Offals $20.50 $22
Pho Topped with Rare or Cooked Beef & Chicken $20.50 $22
Pho Topped with Chicken Combination
(Includes chicken, heart, giblet, liver, blood jelly, young & fresh eggs)
$21 $23
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Our Pho is not ready to eat, here is a video on how to prepare it.

Side Orders

Additional Meat $8
Additional Noodles $4
Plain Noodles with Broth $18 $19
Children’s Meat & Noodles $10
Children’s Plain Noodles $7
Beef Balls $8.50
Beef Tea $4.50
Rare Beef On The Side $1
Saw Leaf Coriander $2
White Onions Soaked In Vinegar $2

Your traditional
Vietnamese Pho
freshly made and
available every day.

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Spare Bowl To Share
(15 Years & Over)
Protective Bib $1
Public Holidays Surcharge
(Applies to patrons 15 years old and older)
Take Away Surcharge
(GST Inclusive)
Additional Sate $0.50


Three Colour Bean Sweet
(In parfait glass with shaved ice)
Ching Poo Luong
(dried longans, lotus seed, dried dates, jelly, almonds, lily bulbs)


Black Coffee $5
Coffee With Condensed Milk $5
Black Coffee With Ice $7.50
Coffee With Condensed Milk & Ice $7.50
Lemon Soda $5.50
Soy Bean Milk $4
Iced Tea $2.50
Penny Wort Juice $6
Young Coconut Juice $6
Pepsi / Lemonade / Raspberry / Pepsi Max / Sunkist $4 $5
Orange Juice $5 $6
Soda Mixed With Egg & Milk $10
Iced Water $1